Vita Beata


Vita Beata provides an online forum for your child to engage with other students from around the country in live, online, moderated discussion groups dedicated to specific Classical Studies and Literature courses from Memoria Press.

Through this forum, students are able to engage with other children from around the country as they discuss course topics, with an experienced homeschool parent as the course facilitator.

Enrollment will be opening soon. See a full list of available discussion groups below, and click on the registration form on the upper right hand corner of this page (not available until April 2020) to register.

The Following Discussion Groups Are Being Planned for 2020/2021!

Registration for the 2020-21 school year will open in March for current families, with openings for new families beginning in April. Stay tuned for an opportunity to register for next year!

3rd Grade Literature Moderator: Anne Day/Time TBA

4th Grade Literature

Moderator needed

5th Grade Literature Moderator: Jessica Wednesday, 2:00 EST

6th Grade Literature

Moderator needed

7th Grade Literature Moderator: Marcela Day, Time TBA

8th Grade Literature (also covers Am. Lit Poetry & Short Stories) Moderator needed

9th Grade Literature (also covers Poetry, Prose & Drama Book I) Moderator: Christy Tuesdays, 1:00 EST

10th Grade Literature (also covers Poetry, Prose & Drama II) Moderator needed

Book of Greek Myths (1-year pace) Moderator: Ryane Day, Time TBA

Famous Men of Rome Moderator: Samantha Fridays, 11:00 EST

Famous Men of the Middle Ages Moderator needed

Famous Men of Greece

Moderator needed

Book of the Ancient Greeks, The Iliad, & The Odyssey Moderator needed

Book of the Ancient Romans & The Aeneid Moderator: Amanda Thursdays, 1:00 EST

Renaissance & Reformation Times Moderator: Kristin Fridays, 9:00 EST

The Divine Comedy Moderator: Kristin Fridays, 10:00 EST

The Republic & The Laws, On Obligations, and The City of God Moderator: Kristin, Fridays, 11:00 EST