About Vita Beata

What is Vita Beata?

"Vita Beata" is a Latin phrase which means "the good life" or "the happy life".

You might ask, what does this have to do with online discussion groups or education in general?

Sir Richard Livingstone was a prolific writer, who along with his peer T.S. Eliot, warned Britons in the midst of World War II of the many social and political challenges that would be confronting them when the war ended. Among his many concerns was the education of British citizens. In examining the purpose of education, Livingston cited a three-fold purpose:

  1. to enable students to one day earn a living;

  2. to enable students to become valued contributors to society; and

  3. to help students come to understand the meaning of the good life

It is in this spirit that Vita Beata discussion groups exist. We are all on a journey to understanding what it means to be living the good life, and this community enables students and their families to grow together!

Reference: Simmons, Tracy Lee. Climbing Parnassus. ISI Books, 2002. Page 42

How does Vita Beata work?

Vita Beata is designed to provide supplementary reflection and discussion for homeschooled children using specific Classical Studies and Literature curricula designed by Memoria Press.

The students will come to discussion having read the materials and be ready to participate. Some families purchase the student and teacher guides and have their students complete these throughout the week, as well as the MP quizzes and tests. Other families simply have their child read and participate in the weekly discussions without doing additional work.

Weekly discussions will last about 45 minutes, but may vary in length depending on the number of students in a class and how well they participate. The moderators will use the MP Teacher guides to facilitate coverage of comprehension questions, vocabulary, discussion questions, as well as their own Socratic questions to cover the material. Students will be encouraged to share any enrichment activities they may have completed, and some moderators may provide review games that cover material on MP quizzes and tests.

Classes meet in their virtual classroom at their assigned time. Each class can have up to 15 students.

See here to be sure you have a system that will support the online classroom platform.

Classes generally follow the Memoria Press Online Academy academic calendar so that families that also do some of those classes can keep their schedules together. Classes start September 13th, 2021 and end before May 28, 2022. There are no classes Nov 22-26 (Thanksgiving), Dec 20-Jan 2 (Christmas / New Year's), and Apr 11-15 (Holy Week).

If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of this group, please contact admin@vitabeata.org.