The cost is $50 per year per family. This means that once a student is enrolled in a group, the same student may be enrolled in another group or another student in the family may be enrolled at no additional charge. Additionally, there is no charge to moderators to have their students participate.

All materials can be purchased from Memoria Press, and we encourage families to buy the most recent materials as sometimes used items are outdated. However, this is not required. Minimum required materials are the textbooks. Workbooks, teacher guides, quizzes, lesson plans, videos, etc. are at your discretion based on how you as the teacher choose to implement the course. Class moderators will provide a schedule that tells students simply what chapter or story will be discussed on what days, but this schedule will not pace out additional workbook or enrichment assignments.

Vita Beata is not a business with employees but is simply a forum to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities by and for homeschooling parents.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of this group, please contact