Registration Fees 2023/2024

Vita Beata has a Family Enrollment Fee of $50 per year per family as well as a Class Registration Fee of $5 per class form submitted. 

EXAMPLE: If you enroll 3 children in 2 classes each you will pay 1 Family Enrollment Fee ($50) and 6 Class Registration Fees ($30) for a total of $80.

 The Family Enrollment Fee is refundable through June 15th. The Class Registration Fee is non-refundable.  Additionally, there is no Family Enrollment Fee for moderators, but moderators will pay the Class Registration Fee for each class form submitted. 

After registration closes each family will receive a confirmation email and invoice of all classes they have registered for. (Please do not register for classes unless you are sure your student will be able to attend regularly.) Payment is due upon receipt unless other arrangements have been made with the director.

Vita Beata does not sell curriculum. All materials can be purchased from Memoria Press, and we encourage families to buy the most recent materials as sometimes used items are outdated. However, this is not required. Minimum required materials are the textbooks and student guides. Teacher guides, quizzes, lesson plans, videos, etc. are at your discretion based on how you as the teacher choose to implement the course.  Vita Beata will provide a schedule that tells students what chapter(s) or story will be discussed on what days. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure the material is read and questions in the student guide answered (orally to a parent or in writing) prior to class.

Vita Beata is not a business but is simply a forum to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities by and for homeschooling parents. All of our moderators volunteer their time preparing for and leading discussion each week.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of this group, please contact